oftransceiver Technology grew from the conviction that the “Art” of RF could be combined with the “Science” of digital logic to produce a high performance yet flexible RF Transceiver. Innovations in block and system design are key elements of the technology and which when combined, create a transceiver based on smaller, high-performance, and tunable functional RF, AMS and digital blocks. That combination is the Softransceiver RFIC, the foundation of a truly programmable RF platform.

Softransceiver RF Platforms utilize common RF architectures and include standard functional blocks such as LNA, Mixer, Analog Filters and VGAs. BitWave believes the implementation of best-in-class analog blocks is an essential part of a low power solution.
Analog/Mixed Signal Circuitry includes programmable Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters along with BitWave’s wideband synthesizer technology.
Over 50% of a Softransceiver Silicon Platform consists of digital logic. Adding configurable digital control to the RF and Analog functional blocks allows BitWave to benefit from the scalability of the digital circuitry to provide a wide range of control with minimal additional die area. The more modes and bands required by the target application, the more compelling this tradeoff becomes!
BitWave Softransceiver RF platforms interface to a wide range of RF Front Ends as well as digital basebands. Softransceiver RF Platforms offer multiple RX and TX ports as well as 12 GPIOs for Front End control and two digital IQ interfaces to the baseband modem.